Transport Demand Analysis

The transport demand modeling in the REMON-project has the following purposes:

  • Assess adequate transport management strategies,
  • Calculate transport related emissions and transport related energy use in Hanoi and
  • Support the scenario development of the project.

The program VISUM of the German PTV AG has been chosen for the transport demand modeling. The program provides a macroscopic simulation of the traffic and generates an assignment of traffic to the network based on the transport demand and transport supply. The latter is determined by the tracks and nodes as well as the permitted traffic systems and means of transport. The transport demand results mainly from socio-demographic factors, which can be determined with the aid of surveys.

On basis of the generated data within the REMON project, a traffic assignment could already be executed, which is illustrated in the following figure. The width of the bars indicates the traffic volume of the respective roads. During the upcoming workflow, the accurateness and reliability of the results will be evaluated and adjusted by comparing the data of the REMON-project with the real traffic volume on Hanoi streets.

Fig.: Link bar with traffic volume. (Source: TUD 2013)