Traffic Viewer (Public Version)

A first product of the REMON project is the Traffic Viewer. The Traffic Viewer is available in two different versions. The basic version is specified for public use in a web browser. This version has routing functionality and displays different traffic related information about the current situation on the street based on the TPEG standard. Additional map layers provide information like bus stops, gas stations or automatic teller.

Currently, some hundred taxis in Hanoi provide their position every five seconds. All data are completely anonymised. No GPS-position can be assigned to a particular vehicle or company. These raw data will be used to calculate the level of service for every single road segment. The mapped information describes the level of service of the previous three minutes. The data is updated every three minutes.

Fig.: Different views of the Traffic Viewer (Source: LUAX 2013)

















Traffic Viewer (Expert Version)

An advanced version of the Traffic Viewer provides the opportunity to generate traffic related messages based on the TPEG standard. This version is designed for experts, which are trained for this task. This version is designed to input TPEG messages related to traffic like traffic jams, construction sides or weather conditions.

Fig.: Example of a TPEG-Message (Source: LUAX 2013)