Traffic Viewer Application

The REMOMN Project is developing an application (App) for mobile devices to generate traffic data and provide information of the current level of service (LOS). The REMON Traffic Viewer App for smart phones is currently running on the Android operating system. It is displaying the current traffic situation as “level of service” in Hanoi in real time. A first version has been tested in a field test on side in Hanoi (see Figures). The App is equipped with the standard functionalities to draw a map on a small monitor. Like in the standard Traffic Viewer this application can also show additional traffic related information like bus stops, gas stations or automatic teller. Apart from the displaying function this applications is also designed to collect traffic data especially from motor bike drivers. During the installation process the user will be asked to agree to provide data like speed and position.











Fig.: Different functionalities and zoom levels of the REMON-App for Android-Smartphones (Source: LUAX 2013)