Showcase – energy efficiency in urban development and transport planning

REMON project partner AS&P develops a best practice solution for a planning area in Hanoi, focusing on sustainable and energy efficient urban development and transport planning. The work includes the selection of a suitable area, its analysis and description, and finally the selection and editing of appropriate themes for a best practice show case.

Substantial work on the show case started in March 2014 with the workshop ‘showcase – energy efficiency in urban development and transport planning’ together with the Vietnamese partner HUPI and several visitations on-site. Together, AS&P and HUPI decided to situate the showcase area in a 17 km long axis (along ring road 4) on the northern side of the Red River. In this area are a militarily used airport, the historic city Cổ Loa, various housing areas, areas for high-tech industry and multipurpose use, as well as several green corridors. The ‘Hanoi Capital Construction Masterplan to 2030 and Vision to 2050’ shows that in future the area will be opened up through several metro lines and expressways.

Selected area for the best practice showcase (Source: AS&P)

In a second step, AS&P analyzed Hanoi’s urban development and transportation system. The analysis showed that when asking for the future expansion regarding Hanoi’s urban development and transportation system, the most significant factors are urban growth and the spatial distribution of Hanoi’s population. Beyond that, AS&P compiled the goals of the ‘Hanoi Capital Construction Masterplan to 2030 and Vision to 2050’ that concerned the selected area for the showcase. The actual description of the showcase happens on the basis of the on-site visitations.

In a last step the REMON project partners defined five sectors with differing focal points for the showcase area. For the analysis of urban development and transport planning, AS&P refers to examples of possible transportation development in other Asian cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Selected focal points in the showcase area (Source: AS&P)

AS&P worked on sketchy suggestions for a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the selected focal points. The suggestions include an optimized guidance of the public transport, optimized stopping points for the public transport, the interlinking of passageways and cycle routes, plus, the demonstration of green corridors and bigger parks. Additionally, AS&P confronts the mixed used planning according to the Masterplan 2030/ Vision 2050 with the draft version of a land use plan in AS&P’s best practice showcase.

Land Use Plan des Vertiefungsbereichs Recreation Business District – „Best Practice Showcase” und “Masterplan 2030 / Vision 2050” (Quelle: AS&P)

In the adjusted land use plan  „Best Practice Showcase“, AS&P focuses on individual areas. Bird’s eye views illustrate the heights, the land use and density of the individually chosen sectors, green corridors and parks, as well as the examination and handling with already existing projects and buildings.