REMON - Sustainability through Efficiency

The project has different approaches for the reduction of pollution, emissions, and energy consumption. The primary objective is to optimize the traffic flows and thus to achieve the reductions. Primarily, the FCD/FPD system is responsible for the optimization as the system measures traffic speeds and allows to calculate traffic flows and visualize them.

By analyzing the data, it is possible to identify bottlenecks and to implement traffic management measures as well as traffic information. In addition to those short-term measures, the project also aims at long-term approaches in urban and transport planning process. The project team will use the data for the analysis of urban and transport planning related measures. In particular, the analysis of historical/long-term FCD and FPD data is meant to indicate potential for the better use of resources in transport and urban planning. Especially infrastructure such as roads or the localization of public institutions (e.g. schools, hospitals) has long-term effects on traffic flows and thus on emissions and energy consumption which are difficult to revise. 

The long-term approaches of the project are twofold:

  • Development and assessment of traffic management strategies
  • Development of visions, strategies and scenarios for the sustainable and integrated urban development of Hanoi

It is intendet to reduce the energy demand through optimisation in transport by:

  • Transport management 
  • Urban und transport planing