REMON - Real Time Monitoring of Urban Transport - Solutions for Traffic Management and Urban Development in Hanoi

The REMON project addresses the transport sector and urban development of Hanoi. The basic idea of the project is to detect urban transport conditions in real time. Additionally, the project team aims to collect short-term and long-term traffic data and analyze it. The data will be transformed into information for a number of purposes: information about the traffic conditions to road users, traffic monitoring, traffic management as well as long-term planning measures to solve traffic related problems. The technological bases of the traffic detection are the approaches Floating Car Data (FCD) and Floating Phone Data (FPD). The speed and movement of vehicles is detected by GPS-tracking technology. This will provide the basis to develop further measures for traffic control and management.

The overarching aim of the project is the reduction of air pollution and emissions in urban transport. The project follows different approaches in order to reach this goal. The primary goal is to optimize traffic and thus reduce traffic related air pollutions and emissions. The analysis of the data will reveal bottlenecks. These bottlenecks will be reduced by appropriate measures of transport control and traffic information. In addition to the technological approaches, the project will also develop long term planning solutions. The project team uses the collected data to analyze and evaluate measures in transport planning and urban planning. Especially, the analysis of long term FCD/FPD-Data has the potential to improve the allocation of resources in transport planning and urban planning. A transport model, an expert system based on a geographic information system (GIS) as well as an urban growth model serve as tools to develop different transport management strategies and planning scenarios.