REMON Geo Information System

The  results of REMON’s remote sensing (hyperlink) as well as official data from Hanoi’s urban planning departments and free accessible data are integrated in the REMON Geo Information System. REMON understands its geographic information system (GIS) as a tool  for experts, who administrate and analyze freely selectable areas in Hanoi.

The main developer of the GIS is REMON’s project partner WWL which is supported by the project partner FU Berlin., WWL supplemented the system successively with REMON’s developed models, in particular the urban development model of project partner FU Berlin.

The strength of the REMON-GIS is its applicability  which the REMON project partners achieved via different workshops with future users in Hanoi. As a result, users can administrate raster data as well as vector data. Additionally, REMON GIS enables to distinguish between several user groups and to allocate different users rights.

It was a deliberate choice of the REMON team to develop the  Web GIS application on open source software components.

System architecture of the REMON Geo Information System (Source: WWL)

The REMON GIS is online in a free accessible version 1.0 under The system can be supplemented by the REMON project partners consecutively and from any location.