REMON - Applications

One result of the REMON project will be the digitization and visualization of traffic flows. Local government, transport authorities, urban and transport planners thus will be able to measure and monitor traffic flows and transport infrastructure effectively. The possibilities to make use of the generated traffic data are ample:

(1) Information of current traffic situation to road users (Internet, phones, radio, television) and transport authorities
(2) Data analysis Identification of capacity overloads, bottlenecks and hot spots of traffic congestion

  • Intersection Traffic Monitoring and Local Net Assessment
  • Local network analysis (i.e. bus stops, street segments)
  • Accessibility analysis

(3) Traffic management and traffic quality

  • Managing and monitoring traffic flows in real-time
  • Optimization of transport infrastructure by applying traffic management measures and monitoring their effectiveness with the FCD and FPD system
  • Integration of the REMON traffic information system into existing traffic management and traffic information centers (e.g. Traffic Police, Radio Voice of Vietnam)

(4) Fleet management systems for taxi and bus companies

  • Information of working time of drivers, occupation rate, generated income, fuel and energy consumption, operation coverage
  • City information, i.e. travel times of at bus stops
  • Analysis of public transport system (macro to micro level)